Usitense na Bills!! Get a salary advance loan up to Kes 100,000 within 24hrs.
We partner with private sector companies to offer Salary Advance Loans to their employees. Private sector employees can now get up to Kes 150,000.

Why Mint Credit

No Paperwork

Save time with our quick and simple digital application process

Quick Loan disbursement

Fast and easy disbursement of loans to your phone or bank after qualification

Effortless repayment

One step convenient repayment process

Salary Advance up to 100%

Access upto 100% of your salary and repay within 3 months

Reliable Customer support

Prompt and reliable customer support to all our clients

Easy access to credit

Hustle free application and flexible qualification terms


Submit your query or request and our support team will respond within 24hrs hours.

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