4 Businesses You Can Kickstart with Ksh 50K

In the entrepreneurial landscape of Kenya, there are numerous opportunities for individuals with limited capital and minimal skills to start a business and witness rapid growth. This article explores four business ideas that require little to no specialized skills and can be initiated with a modest investment of Ksh 50,000.

  1. Retailing – Mitumba (Second-Hand Clothes):

Mitumba, or second-hand clothing, is a thriving business in Kenya. With Ksh 50,000, you can start a small-scale mitumba retail business. Visit wholesale mitumba markets to source affordable, quality second-hand clothes. Set up a stall in a busy market or consider selling through online platforms. Understanding fashion trends and customer preferences can be beneficial, but this business primarily relies on your ability to curate a diverse and appealing collection. Reinvest profits to expand your inventory and reach a wider customer base.

  1. Street Food Vending – Mobile Food Stall:

Kenya’s street food scene is bustling with opportunities. Invest your Ksh 50,000 in a mobile food stall, basic cooking equipment, and ingredients. Identify high-traffic areas, especially during lunch or evening hours, and offer popular local dishes. You don’t need advanced culinary skills; focus on providing tasty, hygienic, and affordable meals. Social media platforms can be leveraged for marketing and attracting customers. As your business gains momentum, consider expanding your menu or exploring catering opportunities for events.

  1. Agribusiness – Vegetable Farming:

Starting a small-scale vegetable farm can be a rewarding venture that requires minimal specialized skills. Allocate your Ksh 50,000 towards seeds, fertilizers, and basic farming tools. Choose vegetables that are in high demand locally, such as kale (skima) , spinach, or tomatoes. Basic knowledge of soil preparation and watering schedules can be acquired through online resources or local agricultural extension services. As your vegetable farm flourishes, reinvest in expanding your cultivation area and diversifying your crop selection.

  1. Cleaning Services – Residential and Commercial Cleaning:

Offering cleaning services is a business that demands more effort than skills. With Ksh 50,000, invest in cleaning supplies, basic equipment, and transportation. Advertise your services in local communities or through online platforms. Tailor your offerings to include residential and commercial cleaning, and provide flexible scheduling options. Reliability, attention to detail, and excellent customer service can set you apart in this industry. As your client base grows, hire additional staff and expand your service offerings.


Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey in Kenya with limited capital and skills is entirely feasible. The key lies in identifying opportunities that align with your resources and leveraging them effectively. Whether you choose to delve into mitumba retailing, street food vending, vegetable farming, or cleaning services, consistency and customer satisfaction are paramount. As your business gains traction, reinvest your profits intelligently to foster growth and seize additional opportunities that may arise. Remember, success in these ventures is often a result of determination, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach.